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Cleverness is better than strength.

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Wrangling wagging wild wugs with whistles!
diarmait is spending the evening making wug alliterations and I am so happy about this

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So so so, my next tattoo (hopefully soon, if I can finagle it) is going to be a wug on my pelvis (probably right on the iliac crest) and my friend just gave me the greatest idea ever—mainly to add a little wug (I’m going to start calling them wuglings and no one can stop me) for each child I have, if I do have kids

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I’ve always been really sensitive to how people talk to me and, with linguistic curiosity, it’s no surprise that I’ve caught on to some trends to why I find some people significantly more challenging to be around than others, specifically in tone.

These are both conversations that have occurred (in some aspect) in the last few weeks with the same two people.

A. “What’s your plan for the day?”

B. “So, what are you up to? Doing work, or something else?”

Me: I’m really scared about moving, this is huge for me.

A. “It is huge, and I know it’s scary. If you need to talk about it, I’m perfectly happy to help, if I can.”

B. “But it’s going to be fucking awesome! You’ve wanted to move to Ireland forever!” 

I’m much more open to A’s responses—it doesn’t feel like I’m being interrogated or like my fear is being diminished because it will be “awesome” (I’m sure jumping out of a plane would be “awesome” too, but I’d still be terrified to do it.)

So yeah, it’s really interesting how word choice can completely change textual tone and how it’s taken by the recipient. 

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